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C9 Aromatic Solvent

C9 Aromatic Solvent in Tradeasia



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Clear, colorless to light yellow viscous liquid

Common Names

C9 Solvent


As per customers request

Aromatic C9 solvents are mainly used in adhesives, printing inks, sealants, polychloroprene rubber, concrete curing compounds, anti-drying agents, and paints.  They have good compatibility with SBR, SIS, SEBS, and SEPS and can be used as a pressure-sensitive adhesive, hot-melt adhesive and synthetic rubber.  They can also be applied to coatings on ships, vehicles, and bridges because they will improve the luster, increase hardness, and make areas more water-resistant.  Within the printing industry, the petroleum resin will increase water resistance, solvent consumption and resistance to dry.  They are also used for hot road markings.  The end-user markets for this product are the paints, coatings, and rubber industries.

Manufacturing Process
Aromatic C9 solvents are chemically manufactured from resin oil that contains various monomers.  The end product is combination of the following chemicals: indene (20-25%), methylenes(5-15%), vinyl toluene(15-25%) and a-methyl styrene (up to 5%).  They are based on
aromatic feedstocks that do not undertake much refinement prior to the above polymerization process.

C9 Aromatic Hydrocarbon Solvent widely used in emulsifiers, surfactants, disinfectants, agrochemicals, water treatment chemicals, paint and coatings, oilfield chemicals, and foundry chemicals.

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